Adri Naturals Body Oil – Rose and Chamomile (100ml)

INR 599.00

About Adri Naturals Body Oil – Rose and Chamomile :

In ancient times, bathing was an essential part that was considered as a therapeutic activity, for the mind and body. Massaging your body with oil before or after oil was done to enhance the vitality of the skin & ensuring a youthful radiance. Our Body Oil is a floral oil blend that can be used before or after a bath. This oil is prepared with its base as cold-pressed sesame and cold-pressed almond oil infused with rose petals and chamomile flowers to make the most from this amazing oil. This is a post-bath oil which can be applied as a natural replacement of chemical loaded creams & lotions. Vitamin E in almond oil keeps the skin hydrated for longer hours. As per Ayurveda, Sesame oil is considered very helpful for body massage as it strengthens the bones. This oil also has Rose essential oil, for those who love the floral fragrance as it keeps reminding you that you are in the arms of mother nature. The presence of rose essential oil is good for people with dry skin mostly as it increases the tendency of keeping skin hydrated for long hours, It also works on reduce signs of aging & minimize the appearance of scars.



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