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Adri Naturals Cashew Nut Oil (Cold Pressed, 100% Pure & Natural) (30ml)

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About The Product:

The pale yellowish to dark yellow color Cashew Nut Oil is obtained from the kernels or seeds of the cashew through the extensive process of cold pressing. The myriad health benefits of Cashew nut oil are attributed to its intense therapeutic properties. Cashews are the richest source of Vitamin E therefore highly beneficial for nourishing the hair.


This oil will provide a smooth texture to your skin. Apply this oil on a regular basis to find that your skin has retained its moisture. This is largely due to the abundance of moisture present in cashew nut oil. This, in turn, can be owed to the availability of high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids in it. Being rich in Vitamin E, it plays a vital role in anti-aging mechanisms and therefore has become an important ingredient in anti-aging products.

About the Brand:

We offer genuine quality of all kinds of oils. Our cold pressed oils are extarcted in the traditional kohlu way. We have an entire range of cooking oils, aromatherapy oils, carrier oils and body massage oils and a personal care range. All our products are 100% natural and are crafted in an authentic way. Quality is our main focus. They are produced in small batches. We deliver across the globe.



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