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Allter Organic Baby Diapers Walker (Size: Large) (COMBO Pack of 4)

Baby Weight – 7 to 12 kgs
Pack Quantity – 24 Pcs
Combo Pack of 4 Diapers (Total: 96 diapers)

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Allter Organic Baby Diapers – Walker (Size: Large) (COMBO Pack of 4)

Soft and snug, like a mother’s hug, Allter baby diapers are a perfect combination of the goodness of natural fiber with the ease of disposable diapers. Allter diapers are made up of 100% Bamboo Pulp core, which makes them gentle not only for your baby, but for the environment too.

Pack Quantity – 24 Pcs
Cloth Like Topsheet
Super Dry Layer
Certified Organic Bamboo Pulp Core
Velcro Side Tape
Breathable Back Sheet
Wetness Indicator
No Leak Cuffs

About the Brand:
With the growing need for us to adopt sustainable living methods, allter has come to inspire people to make informed choices. As the environment concerns rise all around us, allter is that safe space of changes that are mindful, changes that help you to make a difference to the environment, yet are functional and easy to adopt.

Alltering is Cool. Alltering is fun!
By choosing Allter, you have taken the first step of looking at life and environment from a different perspective, to preserve, grow and enjoy in the process. Allter seeks to help this new generation of change makers to find sustainable solutions to common environmental problems that nurture life right from a baby’s birth. This is the thought being our first range of products. Allter Bamboo diapers and wipes.

Better for Baby Bum
At Allter, we know that mommies know what’s best for their kids, but we believe in helping mommies make informed choices for their little ones, so that their babies are always healthy and happy


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