BOHECO Life Hemp Hearts (100gm)

Hemp Hearts is a nurturer and protector. It guards your body against harmful antibodies and also revitalizes it helping you live a healthy disease-free lifestyle. Zero additives 100% all-natural Hemp hearts are powerful nutrient boosters that are sourced from the best of the best. They may seem small but they sure do pack a punch!

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Carefully selected and shelled BOHECO Life Hemp Hearts are born in the land of its origin – The Himalayas. Hemp Hearts have an earthy nut-like flavor and can be enjoyed straight out of our packs; they also make a nutritious addition to your daily diet and baked goodies. If you’re looking for a quick fix of nutrition and a great source of omegas while you’re on the go, then Hemp Hearts is your answer. They say some good things come in small power packed hemp seeds- each of which can provide you with a complete source of nutrition.


Stabilizes Blood Sugar Level, Normalizes Cholesterol level, Aids muscle function, Improves energy and focus, Acts as an anti-inflammatory


Raw shelled hemp(Cannabis Sativa L.) seed

Weight100 g


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