Wild Ideas Hand Made Soap – Citronella is a natural, Hand-Made soap that stimulates circulation, repels bugs and resists bacteria.

Wild Ideas anti-bacterial soap bar is handmadefrom 100% natural and organic ingredients and will have you bid goodbye to harmful chemical based soap bars and liquids.

It is powerful and effective and most of all completely safe to use. Similar to ayurvedic bath soaps, it is gentle on your skin and resists bacteria.

Citronella is a natural fragrant oil obtained from plants that is widely used as an insect repellant and muscle relaxer.

It stimulates circulation, repels bugs and resists bacteria.


The ‘Wild Ideas’ project is a community-based cooperative of disadvantaged women based in Tiruvannamalai. These women are deeply motivated to stand on their own feet and find economic independence and have successfully done that despite their circumstances. The group makes 100% organic/natural, highly effective, hand made products. Be good to Yourself, your Home and the Earth.

Weight100 g


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