Wild Ideas Hand Made Soap – Eucalyptus (100gm)

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Wild Ideas Hand Made Soap – Eucalyptus (100gm)

Wild Ideas Hand Made Soap Eucalyptus is a natural, Hand-Made soap that relieves stress, rejuvenates the mind, and resists germs.

  • Wild Ideas Hand Made Soap – Eucalyptus anti-bacterial soap bar is handmade from 100% natural and organic ingredients and will have you bid goodbye to harmful chemical based soap bars and liquids.
  • It is powerful and effective and most of all completely safe to use. Similar to ayurvedic bath soaps, it is gentle on your skin and resists bacteria.
  • Wild Ideas Hand Made Soap – Eucalyptus is obtained from the eucalyptus tree which is widely known for its medicinal properties.
  • It relieves stress, rejuvenates the mind and resists germs.


The ‘Wild Ideas’ project is a community-based cooperative of disadvantaged women based in Tiruvannamalai. These women are deeply motivated to stand on their own feet and find economic independence and have successfully done that despite their circumstances. The group makes 100% organic/natural, highly effective, hand made products. Be good to Yourself, your Home and the Earth.

About The Brand

Set up in 2014, Wild Ideas was born out of a young couple’s search to get back to the roots. They chose Tiruvanamalai, a Hindu pilgrimage town in Tamil Nadu dedicated to Lord Shiva, as their abode to start work on developing sustainable livelihood projects.

The idea was to engage local disadvantaged women and youth in economic activities–from organic agriculture, low-impact architecture, and small-scale industry. The Wild Ideas brand stand for transformation and as a testimony to natural alternatives—to be good to yourself, your home, and the earth. The cooperative by, for and of disadvantaged women now produce chemical free products for home and personal care that compete with the best in the country.

In 4 short years, they have become a household name for effectiveness and affordability. Their recipes are trusted for their therapeutic value and are highly recommended by doctors, especially dermatologists for its non-toxicity.

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