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HINDRAJ Herbal Chamomile Tea Bags – (1 box of 15 sachets)

Chamomile tea is a yellow infusion and has a sweet floral aroma. If you want to enhance the soothing taste of the tea, you can add a little honey or a grate of ginger.

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It is time to soothe your senses and wind down after a tiring day. The all-natural, caffeine-free, and pure Chamomile Tea from Hindraj is made from premium golden blossoms and is luxurious and calming. The floral infusion is called “calming chamomile” for a reason, as it helps you invite calmness into your world, and drift to a night of peaceful sleep when had in the evening. With a wonderful floral aroma, heavenly flavour, and bright golden yellow infusion, our Chamomile Tea is delightfully refreshing and perfect as an evening drink or for any time of the day. Make sure to order yours now!


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