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Ikkai Organic Chemical & Cruelty Free Berry Blush Face Soufflé Tube 100gm

The Berry Blush Face Soufflé all organic nutrients makes your face brighter and happy for the whole day.

Organic raspberries and strawberries in Berry Blush Face Souffle nurtures your skin with enormous antioxidants and skincare nutrients. It clean so deep your skin feel like a new one.

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Ikkai Berry Blush Face Soufflé Tube – Organic, Preservative Free, Chemical Free & Cruelty Free is an all organic nutrients makes your face brighter and happy for the whole day. Raspberries contains alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) that is great for sensitive skin. Their only side effect is skin brightening.

Strawberries’ extracts brightening the skin, as the ellagic acid effectively reduces uneven pigmentation spots.

You’re going to love it because:

Berry Blush Face Soufflé is a powerful antioxidants keep excess melanin in check, nourishes your skin and boost your skin’s radiance.It protects the skin from environmental damage, moisturises your face to the max and helps improve skin’s elasticity.Contains zero chemicals, preservatives and side effects. It’s 100% organic and gives maximum benefits.

How to put, pat & glow:

Clean your face with a wet towel

Apply evenly all over face & neck.

Leave it on for 10 mins (don’t wait for it to dry out )

Wash off thoroughly with luke warm water


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