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Juicy Chemistry – 100% Organic Frankincense & Hemp Facial Oil – Acne & Blemish Control (10ml)

This highly effective formula is a spot-fighting superhero. Our facial oil is loaded with acne-fighting and skin-healing ingredients like Australian Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Neem and Frankincense. Hemp seed oil helps to regulate sebum production because of its astringent properties. This potent elixir penetrates deep into the skin, targets acne infection at its root and promotes skin rejuvenation. Sacha Inchi minimizes acne-scars and doesn’t strip moisture from the skin.

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A concentrated blend of oils that help control and prevent acne, this facial oil rejuvenates skin, heals acne marks and speeds up the recovery process.
Also known as the “king of oils”, Frankincense has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and astringent properties that helps prevent and treat acne infections, reduce redness, and tightens pores.
Hemp seed oil is a potent ingredient for cleansing and treating acne-prone skin. High in linoleic acid, it helps balance sebum production, which is the catalyst for acne flare-ups. Hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic, so it doesn’t clog pores thus preventing new breakouts.
Argan oil contains fatty acids that help reduce inflammation caused by acne and promote healthy levels of sebum production. Vitamin E in Argan oil helps to moisturize the skin.
Tea Tree along with Clove, Neem, and Turmeric fights acne-causing bacteria and reduces swelling and redness.
Sacha Inchi contains a plethora of vitamins and Omega 3 that further help improve skin health and prevent future flare ups
How To Use
Step 1: Post washing your face with our cleanser, use our hydrating toner and wait for it to get completely absorbed.
Step 2:Take 2 drops and apply directly to the face. Massage gently paying special attention to troubled spots. Use every night before bed and leave overnight.
Can be used as a moisturizer for acne- prone skin and applied all over the face.
You may also use it as an acne spot treatment.

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