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Juicy Chemistry – Organic Damask Rose & Fig Lip Scrub – For Damaged & Chapped Lips (10gm)

Dreaming of perfect kissable lips? Make your dream a reality with this lip scrub that sloughs away dead skin and impurities to reveal soft, silky lips. Formulated with luxurious Rose and nourishing Coconut oil, it penetrates deep into the skin to provide ultra-moisturization and complete lip treatment to fight dry and chapped lips. White sugar gently buffs the skin leaving it smooth. Icing on top; it smells and tastes delectable to make them perfectly kiss-ready!

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Expire in September 2021

Luxurious Rose blended in with intense moisturising ingredients and white sugar, this lip scrub gently exfoliates and delivers deep hydration for velvety soft lips.
Fatty acids in Coconut oil nourish skin and help to form a barrier that locks in moisture to make your lips smooth and soft.
Almond and Avocado with their hydrating fatty acids, work to deeply nourish and repair the skin. Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant and promotes healthy skin.
How To Use
Step 1: Take a small amount of scrub on your fingertip and apply directly on the lips
Step 2:Scrub gently and leave it on for 2-3 minutes.
Step 3:Wash off with water and follow with your favourite JC Lip Butter

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