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Juicy Chemistry – Organic Saffron, Rose & Australian Sandalwood-Organic Face Scrub -For Skin Brightening and Rejuvenating (75gm)

French pink clay removes toxins, excess oil, and dirt from the surface of the skin, while geranium acts as a gentle astringent. Saffron is the star anti-oxidant leaving your skin with the perfect glow. Calming rose soothes and nourishes the skin.

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Our exfoliating powder helps brighten complexion by removing dead skin and stimulating cell regeneration. This classic scrub is packed with essential oils, natural moisturisers, organic sugars and salts.
Originating from Australia and steam distilled from the wood of the Sandalwood tree, Sandalwood Australian is a precious oil that has been cherished for centuries by its users. This gentle oil is effective for skincare, relieving tension, and calming agitated emotions. Sandalwood Australian’s components are perfect to help reduce oily skin and skin blemishes. Its rich, woodsy scent is strong but has a hint of sweetness that makes this oil a dream to the senses.
Gorgeous smelling Rose and luxurious Kashmiri saffron combine together in this best-seller to leave your skin smooth and deeply nourished.
An ancient beauty ingredient with therapeutic effects, Geranium has astringent and antiseptic properties which tone the skin and accelerates the healing process.
Rose, a potent ingredient for skin rejuvenation, gently soothes sensitive, damaged skin. The exquisite Kashmiri Saffron acts as a wonderful skin-brightener, and a natural toner.
French Pink Clay rejuvenates and purifies sensitive skin by gently exfoliating and drawing out impurities. It has great anti-inflammatory properties, and helps with hyper-pigmentation.
How To Use
Step 1:Use our wooden spoon to take a pea-sized amount on your palms or a dry bowl.
Step 2:Add a few drops of our floral water to make into a paste like consistency and apply a thin layer on face & neck in an upward direction.
Step 3:Leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse it off gently with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel.
Use only once or twice a week.

Weight75 g


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