Laviche – “Ecstacy” Coffee Body Scrub (100gm)

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Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil,Sugar, Coffee powder, cocoa powder, Vit E Oil


Laviche – “Ecstacy” Coffee Body Scrub (100gm) May your skin be glowing and your coffee be strong. Grab a cup of coffee and take a refreshing bath in this season with our Ecstasy Coffee bodyscrub! Your coffeelicious benefits: 1 Helps in Reducing Cellulite 2 Calming Effects 3 Anti-aging 4 Acne Treatment 5 Dark Circles 6 Reduced Inflammation

How to use:

Wet your body, scoop out the desired scrub for exfoliation. Massage well to get rid of dead skin cells and rinse it off for clean smooth skin.


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