Laviche – “The morning walk” Lemongrass Bath Salts (150gm)

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Laviche – “The morning walk” Lemongrass Bath Salts (150gm)


Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Pink Himalayan Salts, Lemongrass Oil.


Feel the freshness of The Morning Walk with Laviche Lemongrass Bath Salts. Bathing in water infused with lemongrass bath salts revitalises the body and relieves symptoms of jetlag, clears headache, and busts stress.

How to use:

Soaking yourself in the Laviche bath salts will remove the toxins and also give relief to your sore muscles . Rose essential oil has tension relieving properties that can soothe an overworked body and also help you sleep better. Rose oil has a very calming effect and can lift your mood.


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