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Seer Secrets Mother Of Pearl & Volcanic Ash Facial Exfoliant for Dead/Dull Skin (40gm)

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Mother of pearl is a natural exfoliating scrub that peels off the skin layer and gives a dirt free and shiny look. The Pearl powder helps in removing dark spot and acne making it clear and glowing. Pearl powder contains proteins that stimulate the regeneration of collagen in your skin. Balsam Peru moisture hydrates your skin throughout the day. It also helps the infected and poorly skin that heal the wounds & burn. The scrub is expertly formulated with Niacinamide to tackle the signs of ageing, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and restore the sun-damaged skin. The malkangani oil use in this scrub keeps the skin smooth and soft. It cures the problem of the scar and dry skin. Lactic acid works magically as a nourishing agent for the skin. It hydrates the cell structure of the skin and keeps it supple. It is also known to improve skin texture, reduce scarring and control oiliness. The astringent property of Arjuna helps to prevent acne and the honeysuckle treats skin rashes, eczema, blemishes and allergies of the skin.

How to Use: 
-Wash your face with a mild cleanser.
-Take adequate amount of stub on your palm.
-Gently massage and lather on your face.
-Rinse thoroughly and pat dry

Ingredients: Vitamin C, Rosewood essential oil, Honeysuckle Extract, Basil Essential Oil

Weight40 g


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