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Ohria Ayurveda Luxury Copper/Brass Diya Candles Gift Set

Rose & Oudh candle – 225gm
Raatrani & Mint Candle – 225gm
Sandalwood & Kesar candle – 225gm

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Rose and Oudh

Rose and Oudh for relaxation and soothing the environment. The soaked rose petal extract imparts a soft pink hue to the natural waxes. Beautifully scented rose and agarwood extract reduces stress, enhances the feeling of calmness, tranquillity and balance.

Raatrani & Mint

The sensuous Raatrani and Mint for a romantic evening. The white Raatrani flower extracts and oils are blended in natural wax.

Sandalwood & Kesar

Available in beautiful fragrance of Sandalwood and Kesar to purify the environment. The yellow colour is from amba haldi extracts.

Natural Soft Soy Wax, coconut and carnauba are set using beeswax, a crude product obtained from the honeycomb.Ohria candles burn slower and are non-toxic and produce less soot. Natural scents from essential oils and plant botanicals render them safe for the environment.

Handmade pure copper and brass containers enhance positivity. Natural, organic waxes are hand poured and cotton wicks are used to create these eco-friendly candles. These candles are free from paraffin, dyes, lead or any animal byproducts.



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