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Ohria Cold Pressed Raw Sesame Oil

Hydrate, nourish and condition Face, Body as well as Hair

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Ohira Cold Pressed Raw Sesame Oil is a great Beauty Oil. Sesame seed is a  wonderful herb extensively used in Ayurveda and esteemed for thousands of years, this nutrient rich oil nourishes skin, hair, muscles and bones and promotes physical strength. Rich in calcium, it promotes hair growth.

Raw unfiltered cold pressed sesame oil, known in Ayurveda as “The Healing Oil”

Highly rich in skin softening fatty acids , antioxidants , nourishing nutrients & detoxifying effects.

It rejuvenates the skin & delays ageing .

Highly hydrating and makes skin soft & plump.

Works as a natural hair conditioner & an anti frizz treatment

Use as a hand & nail oil as hand softener & for healthy nail growth

Usage and Tips:

Use as a body massage oil or as a moisturizer.
Apply on hair strands & roots as hair nourisher.


200ml, 50ml


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