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Organic Harvest Skin Illuminate Vitamin C Face Cleanser (100ml)

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“Organic Harvest has formulated the best face wash for women and men who are dealing with diverse skin issues. Understanding your skin needs can be quite complicated as each passing day brings new blemishes, scars, and dulls the overall facial appearance. To counter all such issues, a face wash with necessary ingredients is needed. And that is exactly what vit C face wash by Organic Harvest does. Combining three powerful natural ingredients, namely vitamin C, acai berry, and daisy flower, this organic face wash has brightening and whitening effects. Besides, dullness is a common observation in skin that is either dry or aging. While brightening the skin, the Organic Harvest face wash leaves it moisturized and firm.
Reaffirming its motto with each passing day, Organic Harvest has built itself upon the organic and its multifaceted benefits. Being a brand that associates itself with making skin, body, and hair care products, we know how important it is to keep these items adulteration free. Be it aiming to plant 1 million trees or going completely cruelty-free, we have adhered by the needs of the environment. Our practices are completely eco-friendly and have received various recognitions.”

How To Use :

“Step 1: Pump out a generous amount of Organic Harvest vitamin C face wash.
Step 2: Start by applying in upwards strokes in a circular fashion.
Step 3: Thoroughly rinse the face and pat dry.”


“Cleanses Thoroughly
The formula of Organic Harvest face wash is quite gentle, yet cleanses and exfoliates the skin religiously.
Brightens and Whitens Skin
With the power of vitamin C, Organic Harvest face wash provides you with a brighter looking skin.
Doesn’t Strip Essential Oils
This Vitamin C face wash does not dry down the skin by removing all the essential oils while cleansing the skin.
Fades Blemishes
Since vitamin C is the main ingredient of this formula, you may see reduction in your scars over time.”


ACAI Berry – Redused fine lines, Wrinkle & help in delay the signs of ageing, DAISY FLOWER – It helps brighten and boost skin natural beauty


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