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Organic Harvest Vitamin C Day Cream (50 gm)

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“Topical layers of skin are subject to damage of multiple kinds. These can be because of environmental pollutants, advancing age, UV rays, and numerous other factors. The result is damaged, dull, and blemishes prone skin. Organic Harvest Vitamin C day cream for women daily use is the best solution for such skin conditions. Infused with organic vitamin C, it has antioxidant, brightening, and whitening effects. Vitamin C, in its natural form, is known to act as a counter to melanin, which is responsible for skin darkness. As the effects of melanin are subsided, skin tends to become a few tones lighter, imparting a glow from within.
Organic Harvest takes immense pride in being the first home-grown brand, which follows organic practices. We bring to you skin, body, and hair care products that are marked with the ‘goodness of plants’. Even the manufacturing process is in accordance with earth-friendly norms. EcoCert has acknowledged and certified our organic and cruelty-free practices. Having said that, we give due importance to our customers. So if you do not enjoy a product we have accumulated for you, you can return the product for a refund or seek a replacement.”

How To Use :

“Step 1: Start with a thoroughly cleansed face.
Step 2: Take an adequate amount of moisturizer on your fingertips.
Step 3: Dot your face with the vitamin C cream.
Step 4: Begin by massaging in upwards motions.
Step 5: Let it stay for deep nourishment.”


“Vitamin C is a well-researched active compound for skincare. Having said that, it is only safe to use a stable form of vitamin C to avoid skin discrepancies. Organic Harvest Vitamin C face cream features a stable form of natural vitamin C, which is safe for usage on skin. The skin benefits of natural vitamin C for skin are as follows-
It helps boost collagen production. This ensures that the skin looks youthful and has minimal appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
As a powerful antioxidant, it does not let the free radicals damage the skin, filling it with pigmentation, scars, and blemishes.
One of the most important reasons for formulating a vitamin C cream is its brightening and whitening effects. As organic vitamin C promotes cell regeneration and keeps melanin at bay, skin appears some shades lighter.”


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