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Organicana Jaggery Powder Sachets (50 sachets) (5gm each)

Jaggery sachets are an easy way to use this amazing sweetener for daily use

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Organicana Jaggery Powder Sachets Superfoods are known for multiple health benefits because of their high nutrient density.It is held in high regard by our ancestors as ancient Ayurveda scriptures assign immense medical value to it. A natural detoxifier and therefore our ancestors ensured Jaggery’s use in the household due to its health benefits.

Amazing sweetner for daily use.
A natural detoxifier
Jaggery powder sachets is a perfect energy booster for healthy life and a nutritional alternative to Sugar
Jaggery powder is rich in minerals
Aids digestion and Purifies blood
Can be consumed anytime anywhere for instant energy, boosts performance, endurance and reduces muscle fatigue
Easy to use and travel easy
Multiple health benefits because of their high nutrient density.

One sachet is equivalent to 5gm of 100% organic Jaggery Powder
This is a Vegetarian product.
100% Organic

Weight250 g


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