Pee Safe 100% Cotton Tampons – Super (Pack of 16)

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When you said you don’t want to skip swimming or beat day, Pee Safe heard you!
Tampons help you be free and active. These are inserted inside of your vagina to absorb the period blood. You can bungee jump, dance, swim or even lazy around at home without having to worry about a leak.

Key Features:
100% Organic Cotton – Grown naturally without the use of chemicals or fertilizers.
Biodegradable – Starts degrading in 18-24 months in a composting facility. In other words, pick these! They don’t harm the environment.
Sizes – Regular, Super & Super Plus
Change frequently – Needs to be changed every 4-5 hours otherwise proven to be harmful.

How to use:
1. Remove the coloured tear tape and unwrap the bottom half of the covering.
2. Carefully unwind the removal cord. While holding the tampon firmly, tug the cord once to ensure that it’s securely attached.
3. Hold your tampon at the end and remove remaining wrapping
4. Insert the tampon with your finger into vagina and push it with the upper rounded top at an angle as far back as possible
5. To take it out, relax and gently pull the removal cord diagonally downwards so that the tampon slides out.

Ingredients: Organic cotton fibres, organic cord

Caution: Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) – Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but very serious (possibly fatal) illness that can occur in men, women and children. TSS can occur both with and without the use of tampons. If you have suffered from TSS, or are concerned about TSS, please consult your doctor before using tampons.


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