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This spice has a very strong flavor, which cannot be hidden or mistaken. Also the spice that needs to be watched out for not because it is pungent but because of how easily it can be adulterated, as long as the product used to adulterate it has the same color because its pungency would hide the taste of the adulteration.
Points to watch out for:
Red chilli powder should never be bright red if it is organic or pure. It is always orangeish in color. These T.V commercials make us believe the redder the better it is. When red chilli whole is grounded to produce red chilli powder even the chilli seeds, which are inside it, are grounded. It does not matter how red the chilli is, the seeds are always yellow in color. So when you blend bright red with yellow color, what color should you get?
If the red chilli powder is bright red than it is not pure and contains colors.
In the whole process of growing chilies to processing red chilli powder. There is an inherent challenge. When the chilli plants are grown and they start flowering, at that stage they are sprayed with insecticides/pesticides, when it starts fruiting again it is sprayed. First you get green chillies if they are left on the plant to produce red chillis then they have to be protected from pest for a longer period and so they are sprayed again. The green chillies then turn black and then red . They are left to dry on the plant for some time and then plucked and dried in the sun. Once it is dried it is powdered and then reaches your kitchen.
In the whole process the chillies are never washed or cleaned and everything and everything sprayed on them remains on them and that’s what you get to eat.
Even if its organic farming, the insecticides and pesticides we use are either made from a base of neem fruit juice or from bitter milk combined with tobacco and haldi. So even if we don’t wash our chillies they are safe to consume.
100 % natural, no artificial color or chemicals added


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