Adri Naturals Sunflower Oil (Cold Pressed, 100% Pure & Natural) (1 L)

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Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil is extracted from sunflower seeds procured directly from the farm. Adri’s cold-pressed sunflower oil is unrefined, unbleached and most importantly, first pressed. This golden colored oil is considered as a healthy option in many households. It being light in nature is often considered for frying purposes in the kitchen. We at Adri believe in staying connected with our roots and hence there is no introduction of any added preservative or fragrance to the seed or to the oil done in any manner. We have a range of Premium Cold-pressed prepared in small batches. Oilseeds are pressed only once at a lower temperature which makes it Cold pressed. This oil is recommended to be stored in cold dry place away from direct sunlight. We do care about your concern about oils and leakage, hence, the product comes in Recyclable glass bottle with a leakproof cork, so there won’t be any spill at all.


This oil can be called “Perfect-for-frying” as it is light in nature as compared to other natural oils. It is rich in vitamin E which makes it good for the skin. It contains good fats and also promotes heart health, hence helps lower cholesterol & controls blood pressure. It is also known that sunflower oil may possess laxative properties that ease digestion. Sunflower oil is rich in lecithin, which is used for treating memory disorders such as dementia and many more. Cold-pressed Sunflower oil is good for hormonal activity and has an anti-aging effect.


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