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The Herb Boutique – Himalayan Multiflora Honey (300gm)

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Extracted from the Himalayan region, The Herb Boutique – Himalayan Multiflora Honey is obtained in the midst of precarious and extreme conditions which enrich it with anti-bacterial and immunity-strengthening properties and because it has sustained harsh conditions, this honey is extremely rich in nutrients leading the consumer to a better health with nutrients giving you a healthy body.

It’s natural flavour and medicinal benefits, makes it perfect for both for direct consumption but also extremely suitable for baking and beverage-sweetening. Its deliciously sweet taste also offers gut-nourishing properties that raw and organic honey provides.


Maintains Blood-glucose Levels 
Glowing Skin
Strengthens Immune System
Quick Energy
Promotes Overall Health & Vitality

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Nutritional Information
Value As per 100g of Honey (Appx.)
Energy – 325 Kcal
Carbohydrates – 81 gm
Fat – Traces
Iron – 1.5 gm
Protein – 0.25 gm
Sodium – Traces
Sugars – 81 gm
Vitamins – 1.2 gm

Weight300 g


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