The Herb Boutique Weight Loss Tea (50gm)

A perfect blend for a healthy start towards weight management

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Expiry In October 2022.  A perfect weight loss and slimming tea by Herb Boutique is defined with a delicious twist of flavouring, brewed with a special blend of the finest health-promoting ingredients.

HEALTH BENEFITS:  With 5 main ingredients in the perfect blend, the objective of this tea is to specifically assist you in weight reduction through a healthy alternative. Dandelion plays an integral role as diuretic – reducing bloating and water retention while aiding digestion. Milk Thistle is an excellent detox tea which benefits the liver. Combined with Green Tea and Miracle Leaves this simple cup of tea contributes to your fat reduction.

PALATE:  Light and Cleansing, smoky and crisp vegetal notes with a floral twist

The Teas are free of Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Soya and Nuts.
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Green tea, Dandelion, Bitter Gourd, Milk Thistle, Miracle Leaves, Stevia

Weight50 g


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