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Ohria The Shower Wash Collection


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Cleanse, Soften, Nourish

1 PC Raatrani and Mist Shower Wash 100 ml

1 PC Amritras Shower Wash 100ml


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Ayurvedic immersive experience to gently cleanse skin to a lovely smooth texture. A gift from Ohria’s signature collection, for an ancient enchanting bathing experience.
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1- Raatrani and Mint Shower Wash– Hydrating reawakening shower wash with Ayurvedic essences of mint and basil to refresh. Raatrani flower that blooms at night entraps the cooling properties of the moon, rending the wash restorative. The sultry, fragrance is reminiscent of the enticing night blooming jasmine.


2-Amritras Shower wash– A unique blend of sattvic botanicals, that according to Ayurveda produce goodness and nectar thereby improving skin quality and enhancing natural glow. Botanicals as used in Ancient Indian tradition for divine cleansing like tulsi, coconut, milk, ghee, sugar, honey, dates and cardamom strengthen distress and purify and promote youth and longevity.


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