The past year and a half has been tough. However, it has taught me to live in harmony with nature and made me more aware of my surroundings. As a result of the pandemic, sustainable living involves conserving natural resources (reuse and recycle) and avoiding harmful products, which translates into reduced carbon emissions hence, a happy Mother Earth.

Today, you and I, both a corporate and personal responsibility to restore the very nature in which we live and that’s how The Glocal Store was brought to life giving individuals across the country a natural products online store that caters to their everyday needs while being sustainable and organic.

The Glocal Store is an all-around organic product that has a range of products. Let’s look at some of the products they feature:

1- Skin & Hair Care

With the increasing need to be sustainable, I find myself looking for an alternative to my regular products that have multiple chemicals and preservatives. The Glocal Store provides organic hair care products that have absolutely no sulphates and parabens giving the perfect solution for a healthy, cruelty-free, and sustainable hair care routine.

My skin deserves the absolute best and I am always on the lookout to find it. The intake of harmful chemicals can cause harm to not just the environment but to the skin also. The Glocal Store offers a range of products for all skin-related needs.

The Glocal Store welcomes brands such as Juicy Chemistry, Soul Tree, Earth Rhythm, Organic Harvest, Khadi Naturals, and many others for overall organic care.

2- Mom & Baby Care

 With the purpose of bringing care to the mother and child, The Glocal Store offers products like baby wipes, baby diapers, healing cream, natural shampoos, and many more. The Glocal Store gives organic baby care products online with the purpose of providing the best of care in an organic, natural, and sustainable way for the earth and both the mother & child.

3- Home Essentials

From food to gourmet items, The Glocal Store has a variety of products such as gourmet teas, dips, pickles, spices, and many more. The online organic store offers a range of products that are safe, healthy, organic, and sustainable for a conscious lifestyle.

4- Pet Care

The Glocal Store understands the importance of your pet and that’s why it has pet care products that are organically made for your pet. Buy organic pet care products online from The Glocal Store and get sustainable and cruelty-free products.

A one-stop organic products online store, The Glocal Store, caters to one and all needs for you and your household. Find out how The Glocal Store can help you live a more sustainable, nature-friendly life now.

Get Glocalized today!

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