As we move at a fast pace in our lives, it is often unusual for us to stop and think of the terrible damage that some of our regular habits can cause to our bodies. This can range from using a private vehicle to go to work or something as simple as consuming your morning tea. Organic Tea uses no form of chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for growth, making it safe for not only the environment but also the consumer. With its vitamin rich components, superior taste, and caffeine-free quality, it is imperative for us to purchase the best organic tea available in the market today and we, at The Glocal Store, are here to give you the best organic tea brands. By moderating one’s lifestyle even by the slightest can help in the overall development of someone. Listed below are the top 5 organic herbal tea:

(1) Tulsi Tea: 

Tulsi leaves are considered to be auspicious in India and have ultimate healing properties. Whether it is stress reduction or preventing ailments, Tulsi Tea has qualities that help protect the body with antioxidants. It has a never-ending list of goodness and due to its capability of providing overall well-being, it is necessary to buy organic wellness tea for regular tea drinkers.  Start your day with a sip of health.

(2) Butterfly Pea Flower Tea:

Made from soothing blue flowers, this tea has medicinal properties. It is rich in antioxidants and great for health. It is calming in nature and fights stress. The electric blue color can experiment in creative ways. Add lemon or hibiscus to it and see it change color. A perfect treat for the eyes, mind, and body. You can try it here at

(3) Immunity building Tea:  

A blend of the healing Tulsi, along with Cinnamon, Ginger, and Black Pepper, this formulation is ideal for boosting the immune system. In these uncertain times being strong from the inside is very necessary. Try to include ingredients that have infection-fighting properties in your lifestyle. Replace your morning cup of tea with these organic teas for inner strength.

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(4) Honey Chamomile Tea:

A tea that was used as folk medicine has had a vast range of healing qualities over the years, and now, researchers are exploring its possibility to more severe illnesses like cancer and diabetes. It is also considered to be the best organic tea in recent times because of its stress-relieving and immunity-boosting qualities. It relaxes nerves and helps you sleep. From reducing menstrual pain to helping with relaxation, Chamomile tea is great for overall wellness.

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(5) Weight loss Tea:

With its quality and premium ingredients, weight loss tea is a very healthy and beneficial beverage to help those who want to reduce their weight. It subtly blends with your busy lifestyle and adds organic goodness to it. Its additional qualities of liver health and water retention contribute more towards its main goal of fat reduction. Here is a suggestion 

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(6) Dessert Tea

Host with a grand style. Tisane and dessert teas now come in indulgent flavors like strawberry lime, caramel dream, lemon cake and much more which is ideal for a soothing date with yourself or a lavish High tea. They help in soothing your mind and improving digestion. A mildly sweet treat for you filled with natural goodness. Try all these flavours of Dessert Tea available at The Glocal Store

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Our platform offers the best organic teas, with the above mentioned being a few. Because of its large health advantages and a rise in consumer awareness, organic tea is seen to become more integrated in households. Furthermore, it is necessary for us as consumers to take note about how organic products make the environment a safer place for us to live in. Therefore, we urge our readers to buy organic wellness tea from our best organic tea brands at The Glocal Store!

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