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Enriched with nourishing pure honey, Almond, Oats & Kokum Butter. It cleanses, leaving the skin silky soft & smooth. Cold Pressed coconut & wheat germ oil with jojoba extract and Vitamin E moisturize and rejuvenate. A unique traditional bathing bar hand created by blending in milk prepared with crushed almonds and oats.


‘Roopam, Gunam, Vayastyag, Iti Shubhanga Karanam’

According to Ayurveda, beauty comprises outer, inner and lasting beauty.Nourish your mind & body, connect with yourinner self. Celebrate your own magnificenceand your beauty will always shine through.


Ohria stands for natural ayurvedic products made from formulations passed on by ancestors of my Ayurved Acharya (Teacher) in Rishikesh, His fore fathers served the royalty in ancient India. I learnt from him preparations of oils, butters, salves. Following traditional authentic ayurvedic formulation. Learning all the secretsof plants, herbs collecting each herb by appropriate chanting of mantras before sunrise, we followed him everywhere watching and learning. All my summer vacations were spent learning Ayurveda.


The seed of knowledge was sown by my teacher followed by various courses to attain more knowledge on aromatherapy and natural products. My passion made me create products for years from home until I coaxed to create more for everyone’s benefits.


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