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Glocal Box of Celebrations

This gourmet box is curated for the festivities which includes the following products

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1. Monsoon Harvest Toasted Millet Muesli Fig & Honey with Salted Pistachios (250gm)
2. Monsoon Harvest Granola Bar Cranberry and orange
3. TGS Jaggery Powder 200gm
4. Cure By Design Hemp Hearts 20gm
5. Roasty Basket Aloo Flakes
6. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine
7. Khadi Heena Tulsi Hair Cleanser 210ml
8. Ounce Cotton Buds
9. Nourish Organics Mixed Nut medley
10. Nourish organics fruit and Nut medley
11. Khadi Hand Sanitizer 100ml


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