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Ounce Organics – Neem Pocket Comb

Made from High-Quality Neem Wood, the Handcrafted Comb for Men & Women is ideal for Hair Growth and Hair Fall Prevention.

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Ounce Organics – Neem Pocket Comb

Our combs are entirely handmade with 100% Neem as its key ingredient. Neem wood combs provide multi-faceted benefits for hair and overall health.

– Promotes hair growth and thickness
– Treats dandruff, itchy scalp and hair breakage
– Induces good sleep by reducing fatigue and stress.

– Ensure the teeth touch your scalp while combing
– Deep combing twice a week is healthy
– Detangle before sleep

– Keep away from direct heat and sunlight
– Change your comb after every 6 months
– Soak your comb in any pure herbal oil once a month for best results



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