Seer Secrets Tranquility Facial Mist with Silverated Lavender & Geranium (100ml)

Balance, Treat and Tone Skin

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Seer Secrets Tranquility Facial Mist with Silverated Lavender & Geranium is a perfect step to add into your daily skin care regimen. This refreshing mist can also be used multiple times per day as a gentle skin refresher. It is made with 100% natural ingredients to give you the ultimate skin refreshing treatment. Embrace the best nourishing routine for natural beauty. Daily application will ensure exceptional results. A simple spray or two of our facial essence ensures that you provide your skin with the nutrients it needs. Our hydration accelerator tranquility facial essence is the best choice for those looking for an effective and 100% all-natural skin care.


Lavender hydrosol, Geranium hydrosol, Frankincense hydrosol, Silver hydrosol,  Glycerine ,Citric acid, Vitamin B5, Aloe vera extract.


Mist evenly over face to give your skin hydration & suppleness
Use as and when required
Place in the fridge for a cooler feeling mist
Can also be misted over make-up during the day
Additional Information: Seer secrets evolve around the notion of simple living & high thinking. Seer secrets brings to you wise skin secrets passed on by seers. A company based on values , ethics, and life of seers , sages and clairvoyants, marks to deliver wholesome skin, body care products based on rare herbs and formulations by ascetics from around the world. Indulge your Skin with Mesmerizing Beauty Potions from Seer Secrets that are free from harmful chemicals and are all natural and vegan.


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