Laviche – Peppermint Seaside Gel Scrub (150gm)

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Aloe vera extracts, Cucumber Extracts,Dead Sea Salts, Jojoba Oil Beads,Peppermint Oil.

Skin/Hair type:

All skin/hair type


The cool refreshing mint leaves and sea salt turning into a beautiful concoction of nature Lavichebathessentials. Delivering cool mint effect in this scorching heat with our newly launched Peppermint Seaside Gel scrub. Now scrub like never before, so let’s explore what makes this scrub a special one for the skincare. The pretty blue shade of this scrub tempt you to apply more over the body and the scrubbing beads exfoliates well onto the skin! Let’s enjoy this refreshing Peppermint jar full of summer happiness!

How to use:

Wet your body, scoop out the desired scrub for exfoliation. Massage well to get rid of dead skin cells and rinse it off for clean smooth skin.


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